The password for today is I wanna hear you roar.
POSTED 7.30.14 Blog

When I sat down to write this password, I had many ideas floating around in my head. I started to write one about how much I love camp people. I stated to write one about what I learned from my year out of the country. I even started to write one about my deep love of French toast sticks. None of them really worked until I though about my hair. I realized I could pull a double whammy and both answer you questions and impart some wisdom in one password. So here are the answers to some popular camper questions about my hair.

  1. Yes, I brush it. Probably not as often as you do, but it happens.
  2. It takes about 2 hours to straighten it completely.
  3. Yes, I still need to use a pillow.
  4. No, you may not use it as your own pillow.
  5. Yes, it looks like CT Ansley’s but only on a good day.
  6. Yes, I promise I went completely underwater even though it still looks dry.
  7. No, my neck does not hurt carrying it all day.
  8. Yes, I cut it all off once and donated it. I’m pretty sure they made as least 6 wigs out of it.

I spent many of my camper years being very self-conscious about my hair. I couldn’t whip it back and forth like Willow Smith at CT Dinner dance parties. While my friends were being compared to Pantene commercials, I was being compared to a lion. One fellow camper even told me that I was the only person she knew with an Afro, which is not what an 11-year-old girl wants to hear. A few years ago, I made the decision that since I can’t change it, I might as well embrace it. I stopped trying to get my hair French-braided on Visiting Day, because that just never turned out well. I told myself I would rather be Nala than Cinderella anyway. What I’m trying to say is embrace your differences, because all that time you spend worrying about them could be sent enjoying the magical world of camp.

-Lady Cori