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POSTED 7.10.13 Blog

If you send a girl to camp, she’ll make a whole new world of memories.

If she makes a whole new world of memories, she’ll want to keep coming back summer after summer.

If she comes back each summer, she’ll master the skills of shooting a rifle, sailing a boat, and eating twelve grilled cheese sandwiches.

If she masters these skills, she’ll make many life-long friends, who also excel in these areas.

If she makes lifelong friends, she’ll be loud, crazy, and free with them.

If she becomes loud, crazy, and free, she’ll grow into a leader, for new and returning campers alike.

If she becomes a leader, she’ll gain confidence, even when faced with the greatest ¬†of challenges.

If she gains confidence, she’ll earn the lead role in senior banquet.

If she earns the lead role in senior banquet, she’ll get in touch with her musical side.

If she gets in touch with her musical side, she’ll learn the melodies and harmonies to every classic camp song.

If she learns all of the harmonies and melodies, she’ll be a seasoned camper, having experienced all that camp has to offer and much more. She’ll use these skills in everyday challenges, taking everything in stride, like she did at camp.

And once she overcomes these challenges, she’ll pass her experiences, skills and wisdom on to her daughter when she sends her to camp, to start the cycle all over again.

– Lady Emma Fricke