The password for today is “If you want to sing out, sing out.”
POSTED 11.25.13 Blog

The first camp song I can remember learning was “Green Grow the Rushes Oh.” I remember the dining hall and the seniors singing so loudly in unison. I learned all the lyrics in a car ride back from camp with Lady Hidi aka Lady Heidi, while Lady Nurse helped us with every line. Even as a Junior, music cemented my relationships and allowed my friends and I to feel at home at camp.

As a Mid, show tunes were in vogue in our field. I learned to harmonize with the help of my cabinmates; everyone brought their favorite songs and we all left camp with a new set of favorite musicals. It was during my time in the Mid field when I began to appreciate the slower songs we sang in the dining hall- “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, “Christopher Robin”, “Today” and “Now and Forever.” These songs stayed with me throughout the years, enhancing my appreciation for both music and camp.

By the time we were seniors, we played music loud each morning while cleaning our tents. We all sang while we swept, dancing and loving each moment. These songs will always bring me back to the field- “Vienna”, Yellow”, “One Jump”, and “J’ai ho.” After my last year as a camper, I forced myself to learn the guitar. I was eager to play the songs I learned at home in the fields with my camp friends.

Now as a staff member, I still get the same feeling I got as a Junior when I hear “Green Grow the Rushes Oh.” Though it has been many years since then, I still have FDL to thank for my love of music.

-Lady Hannah Risko