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POSTED 2.15.15 Blog

Like a few of you out there, my camp trunk is a part of my year round life. It is not emptied and packed away like some but sits prominently in my bedroom and has done so for years. The reasoning behind this is both practical and sentimental. First the practical bit, having moved two years ago, most of my belongings are still in boxes. I am reluctant to put anymore away. Second, I am currently suffering from a severe lack of storage while we renovate my living space (hence all my stuff still being in boxes thing) so I actually do need the space that my beloved, sticker adorned trunk provides.

Now onto the heart of the matter, I freely admit that I leave camp each year reluctantly so I like having a bit of my camp life around as a daily reminder of what a little warmer weather and a lot less snow will bring. It is also a family heirloom, so to speak in that my father took it to college before passing it down to me. So while I have certainly added some more, my father is responsible for the daisy-shaped U Mass Boston sticker on the front and the Think Snow sticker that has certainly seen better days along the side. During the year, it also serves as a time capsule of sorts, a place of refuge for all of my “I only wear this at camp” clothes. There is a comfort in knowing that while I still may be months away from proudly sporting my Big Whoop or Lady Pam Day t-shirt, they are never far away, much like summer itself.

I know in the face of all of this snow, that last statement is hard to believe but rest assure, summer will come. The snow will melt and the temperature will rise. My trunk and your’s will go from storage to everyday use and camp will go from a desperate wish to a wonderful reality. It will happen, I promise.

-Lady Sarena