The password for today is live simply.
POSTED 11.2.15 Blog

As some of you may or may not know, I recently finished a book about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and the man responsible for creating the iPhones that many of us left at home for the summer. Along with creating the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, the Macbook, etc., Jobs was most famous in the tech world for combining art and technology at the simplest form, making Apple products easy and fun to use. This is not a sales pitch for Apple, I swear.

While I was sad to finish the book, reading about the simplicity behind all of the electronics in my world made me think the way we spend summers here at Fleur de Lis. Last week, a handful of campers told the tale of Peanut Butter Woman and the Carrot Cake Man using only a toilet paper roll and a wig bag. Two nights ago, I had the time of my life cracking raw, rotten eggs on the heads of my unexacting, best friends. That same night, Lady Bridget Scollan made the day of every girl in the Dining Hall simply by showing up.

While we may not all start billion dollar companies in our garages one day, what we have here is the purest, most raw form of fun that we will probably ever experience. So, for now, embrace the ridiculous things camp sometimes asks you to do, even id Lady Hannah wants you to do a dance with her in a nude leotard. And if anybody wants to borrow my copy of Steve Jobs, let me know; it’s in the Shig.

-Lady Maddie Nash