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POSTED 10.27.14 Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how true best friends don’t have to be close in distance, just close in heart. This sounds corny I know, but camp is proof of it. Looking back on my life, the times when I needed friends the most, my camp friend have been there for me more than anyone else, even when they have been thousands of miles away.

A year and a half ago when I went through a tough breakup, it was Lady Sarah Peters who was calling me every night to make sure I was okay, and Lady Julia Shively texting me constantly to remind me that boys were dumb and that camp was right around the corner. Out of the hundreds of birthday cards I have received throughout my life, it is one by Lady Caroline Foley I was given last year that I still read all the time, and includes the nicest words I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This past spring when my family went through a tough time, it is camp friends I reached out to, camp friends who I called when I needed to talk to someone who would know just how to cheer me up.

Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, Lady Katherine, don’t you have any other friends?! And of course I do, but it’s my camp friends that have seen me pee in a ziplock bag on the way to William Lawrence camp, and still loved me. It’s my camp friends that know about my spastic diaphragm, and simply laugh when I lurch instead of staring at me blankly. It’s my camp friends that eat seconds of carnival cookies with me, instead of urging me to stop having cheese curls for dinner.

The friendships we are forming here, they have a different type of bond, a stronger, gold coated bond. When you’re standing on a bench singing Father Abraham and you catch your friends eye from across the dining hall and smile, when you grab your friend’s hand and jump in the freezing cold Laurel Lake together first period, when your best friend teaches you to backflap for the first time, when you’re bailing sailboats for errand and accidentally capsize, these moments are invaluable. You can’t replicate or explain these moments, and they have the strength to last decades and stretch over continents.

We are all so lucky to have these friends, and remember as we depart and sadness kicks in this weekend, that once we return to this magical place, you’ll fall right back into step down the camp road arm in arm with your friend you did 1,2 step by Ciara with for airbands as a mid. Remember, we are the lucky ones. Most people never get to do all we’ve got to do.

-Lady Katherine Collier