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POSTED 3.15.15 Blog

Last year, in an attempt to be tech savvy, I tried to back up my phone to the cloud. Instead, in my technological ineptitude, I managed to delete every single one of my contacts. After staring at my phone in utter disbelief, the only thing to do was comb through all of my text conversations to figure out who they were from. It actually turned out to be enjoyable; I read through funny jokes I had forgotten about and stumbled upon photos I hadn’t looked at for months. But the thing that made me stop and reflect on my life the most? The amount of texts I had sent to Dancing with the Stars voting lines. I’m not kidding; sandwiched between messages about work deadlines and weekend plans was approximately 27 votes for Zendaya and Val.

“How did I get here?” I asked myself. When I first started watching, I considered it a casual relationship. An episode here and there at the gym, or when I was visiting my parents and my mom had it on in the background. How did I go from nonchalant viewer to full-fledged voter in such a short amount of time? To someone who used precious data plan points to vote for a Disney Channel star she hadn’t heard of three months before? To the lost cause that my friends and family shook their heads at? And I came to the following conclusion: I make seemingly trivial things meaningful in a way most people in my home do not.

As I thought some more, I realized this tendency of mine to immerse myself in silly things- whether they be reality TV shows or books meant for teenagers or car trip games- is because of my time spent at camp. Every summer, I have only seven weeks to jump into camp and all of its outlandishness: a week to put together a play, a rec time to come up with Airbands, a rest house to write a birthday song for a friend. And if I didn’t get into it- if I didn’t make these things meaningful- then my experience here wouldn’t be as rich. It’s something that I have carried over to my life outside of camp, and although my friends and family have trouble understanding, people here get it. So, whatever your Dancing with the Stars is here at FDL, jump in with both feet. Embrace it, get excited about it, and immerse yourself in it. Because your time here is short and you’ll soon be home with people who just don’t understand. So reach for those three perfect 10’s. Be the Zendaya to camp’s Val.

-Lady Bridget Scollan