The password for today is My Jackson Hole tee.
POSTED 8.10.15 Blog

I have a t-shirt that has spent just as much time at camp as I have. This t-shirt is softer than feathers, a worn red-brown color, and is very stretched at the collar due to multiple put-ons and removals. There is a spot on the right sleeve that is permanently hardened due to split mod podge and it smells distinctly of mothballs due to significant time spent in my trunk. This t-shirt is not pretty, and by no means brings out my best look, but it ranks higher than any cute summer dress that may or may not bring out my eyes.

But beyond the physical and emotional comfort this shirt beings me, it also is a reminder that sometimes, you don’t have to be brave, courageous, and crazy. Sometimes, it is completely acceptable to stay well within your comfort zone. It’s okay to pick up your well-worn copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to read on a Sunday morning instead of some book about changing the world. And it’s totally fine to go for the standard but classic grilled cheese over some fancy veggie wrap. And if you want to lie down in your bed with your favorite blanket instead of going on a blind date, then so be it. The comfort zone is not a bad place; it is a rejuvenating area that is vital to doing the brave, courageous and crazy things.

So today, after you try and drop a ski, attempt to shoot on the 40 in archery, or capsize in sail, remember to take some time during your free time to snuggle with an old friend, listen to a song that will always be one of your favorites, or eat the pasta bar at lunch. Not everything great in the world is the new stuff, sometimes the best thing is an old, dirty, ragged but thoroughly loved t-shirt.

-Lady Elsa