The password for today is Polaroid picture.
POSTED 7.1.15 Blog

In this age of digital technology, Polaroid cameras may be considered retro but have you ever considered how a Polaroid picture develops?

First, you see something you want to remember in the form of a photo. Next, you look through the lens, focus the camera, and press the button, which opens the shutter. The camera spits out a blank square. As you watch the blank square, a vague image starts to appear. Slowly, the image takes form, the picture becomes clearer, and finally the complete image emerges.

Our summer at Fleur de Lis Camp is much like a Polaroid picture. We’ve arrived and pushed the button. The blank square has been spit out. As the days progress a vague image will start to develop. As you interact with others and each event passes, the image becomes more and more complete. By the final campfire, your Polaroid picture will be clear, focused and bright with color.

How each picture develops is up to you. Opening your camera shutter to new experiences, new relationships, and new challenges is sure to leave you with a polaroid picture worthy of framing.

-Lady Pam Fricke