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POSTED 8.11.13 Blog

It is a truth that has sat quietly in the corner of every camp conference I have ever been to; it has slipped into every conversation with friends who spent their summers in similar ways but in different places- we all think our camp is the best. What makes it better is sometimes straightforward- awesome activities, beautiful buildings, a great location, meaningful traditions, amazing people but when all of these have been argued to a stalemate, it usually comes down to something that we can’t put into words, something that simply makes it special when compared to every other place.

After 9 separate camps, I can’t shed any light on the hierarchy of it all but I can tell you that there are some very tangible things that make Fleur de Lis a place unlike any other- the unspoken, effortless support you extend to everyone who takes a risk, whether it’s taking the spotlight for a moment in Air Bands or Mid Birthday or opening up at Gailean to share something that you may have never said out loud before, the way you can strive to excel without making anyone else feel the lesser for it, the way the haphazard mix of ages reminds the young of all the things they have to look forward to and keeps the old connected with the wonder and adventure of those first few summers, that your love of FDL translates into a need to share it with others, to welcome new-comers into a place that has given you amazing memories and incomparable friends, that you do your best to make sure they find the same, the beauty of the thoughtfulness and sincerity that cling to your daily interactions, that so many of you look at this place as a gift the world has given you and that it seems you strive to return the favor.

So at this point in the summer when you can allow your last few days to slip aways by focusing on the fact that they are just that, I ask that you choose to embrace the unique nature of Fleur de Lis and all that makes it a place unlike no other, because you are the very reason that it is just that.

– Lady Sarena