The password for today is QWERTY.
POSTED 12.21.13 Blog

This year at school I learned something interesting about the setup of our computer keyboards. The QWERTY arrangement that we are all so used to uses inefficient letter placement and can cause severe damage to the joints in our fingers. When typewriters were first invented, the arrangement was different but the parts of the machine were constantly jamming because people became such speedy typists. So, keyboards across the world adopted the less efficient and more damaging QWERTY arrangement as a way of avoiding machinery glitches. In the real world, it is rare to find another example like the typewriter in which we knowingly prevent ourselves from achieving perfect efficiency.

Luckily, at camp, this sense of urgency does not have such a looming presence. Everyone knows that walking arm in arm with 5 other people is not the most efficient way to travel a quarter mile along a dirt road, that singing songs every 5 minutes is not the quickest way to get through a meal, and that it certainly takes longer to dodge roots and rocks on the Junior trail than it does to use the normal path. The magnificent thing about camp is that we can fall into these silly habits simply because they add an extra ounce of joy to our day. At Fleur de Lis, we get to measure time in terms of moments and memories, not minutes and hours. Cherish every moment you have here before you leave and time begins to pick up speed.

-Lady Kate Gladstone aka Lady Plate