The password for today is “So tell me about your time at camp.”
POSTED 7.11.14 Blog

Reunions can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small, happy ones such as just saying good morning to a tent mate in the morning. They can also be large, sad ones such as at a funeral or memorial.

I have the pleasure of having at lease 5 happy reunions a year when I return from and to university. I am reunited with my friends and family. It is a special time because you share all the news that you have, be it big, small or just telling it again because you are so excited about it. For me, the most important thing about reunions is that you get to re-bond as a group. Sometimes it will take a little bit longer than others, as everyone is trying to find their place, but other times it happens so easily and everyone slips back unto their natural rhythms and roles.

For everyone here, you are lucky enough to have 3 reunions in one summer: at the start of camp with your friends, at the end with your family and the 85th this weekend. The alumnae you meet this weekend will be some of the most interesting people you know with one thing in common with every single person here, their time at camp. So although it may be a little daunting talking to someone older or younger than you that you don’t know, do it. It will be these people who will have the most interesting and gripping stories to tell about their time here.

-Lady Georgia