The password for today is sometimes camp is stranger than fiction.
POSTED 9.6.13 Blog

“This book is the book you have just read.”

The book this quote is from isn’t relevant (for the record, though, it’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane) but, on reading it, I was struck by this realization- while I, obviously, had just finished this story. in all likelihood, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of other people had too. And yet while we may have all read the same novel, there was no guarantee that it was in the same format, the same print, or even the same language. Strangest of all was the idea that out of all those thousands of people, no one is likely to have extracted the same meanings or messages as I did. So while we all read the same words, none of us may have read the same story.

Despite this only being my first summer at Fleur de Lis, I can’t help but feel that the same applies to each experience here. Sure, we all trudge down the same long road, salute the flags each day, have grilled cheese eating competitions at our tables, and swim in the same lake, just as hundreds of counselors, CT’s, and camper have before us. Yet our experiences will be fundamentally different from not only these girls of the past, but also from each other. So, if all our time here will be different anyway, why not make it as special and individual as possible? Make up a new song, start a new eating competition or dining hall game; but, whatever you do this summer, make it special and make it yours.

– Lady Pepper