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POSTED 8.7.15 Blog

This is a story about a group of women and a wonderful piece of land. The women loved the land and the land loved the women very much. So much that it tried to be what the women needed.

So when the woman saw a need for a place for girls to run and play, laugh and learn, shoot and sew, the land became a camp.

And when the women filled the camp with girls who needed a place to eat and talk, sing and stand on benches, dance and cheer, cheer, cheer, the camp gave them a Dining Hall.

And when the girls had eaten and sang every song in their hearts, they needed a place to be and run, shoot and play and so the camp gave them an archery range and soccer field, a rifle range and all the games it could think of and a long road to walk in between.

And when the girls needed a place to cool off, the camp gave them a beautiful lake with docks to jump off and boats to row, paddleboards to stand on and skis to drop.

Then well-fed and celebrated, active and cooled off, the girls wanted to create so the camp gave them glass to stain and ceramics to fire, crafts to create and arts to express, cloth to sew and yarn to knit.

And when they wanted to be silly and serious, dramatic and epic, the camp gave them a Barn to stage productions in and lip-synch to their favorite songs, share their talents and simply ride out the rain.

And when they needed a place to listen and celebrate, gather and just be together, the camp gave them groves, both Password and Hemlock to inspire and quiet, bear witness and sing.

And when the girls were just getting to know camp and had not been away from home for quite so long, the camp gave them the Junior field with cozy cabins and caring staff so that home wouldn’t feel quite so far away.

And as the girls got older and knew camp better, camp gave them the Mid field with tents that made the rain sound like magic and the summer seem like it may never end.

And when they got older still, the camp gave them the Senior field where they could shriek in laughter that never quite stopped, construct their own language that needed translation and simply have the space to become who camp knew they would become in all their great and wonderful and different ways.

And then when they needed to take a very big step, camp gave them the Cottage so they could grow to fill this space they loved with all their wonderfully different ways and yet still return to place where they could dance and sing, eat and laugh and figure out this very big change together.

And when they wanted to help give other girls the experience they had, camp gave them the Shig and the Shang, Applecart and Den so that even though camp was not quite the same as it was, the thing they loved most, each other, was still there.

And when they still needed help and vans, forms and sheets and when they still wanted to come back despite being quite old, camp gave them the Farmhouse with a porch perfect for late night talks, a fireplace to warm late August nights and awards to mark just how far they’ve come.

And when the girls were able to take a look around and see what camp had given them, they tried to say thank you again and again for all these things and a thousand more that could never be explained but camp stopped them. “I gave you buildings”, camp said, “but you filled them with memories and laughter, accomplishments and tears. I gave you a space to be together but you found friends and sisters, family and compatible souls. I may be a camp but you have made me Fleur de Lis and for that, I am most grateful to you. “

And so the story continues of a group of women and a camp who love each other very much.

-Lady Sarena