The password for today is “You can be my hero, baby.”
POSTED 5.15.15 Blog

Growing up, I never had a hero. Sure, Baby Spice was amazing and if I grew up to be as cool as the presenters on Blue Peter then I would have lived a good life, but if you asked me even a year ago who my hero was, I would not have been able to tell you.

Today, I still can’t point to one hero. But unlike my failure during my younger years, it’s because there are too many to name in one breath. I’m proud to say, at the grand old age of twenty, I finally found my hero- everyone at camp.

From Farmhouse, creating flawless schedules in one night, to counselors and CT’s, cheerful even during swim class in the rain, to campers, determined to pass just one more level in class or drink the most glasses of milk at dinner- all of you are a constant source of inspiration, even when I am out of our wonderful little camp bubble. And I thank you for it.

-Lady Pepper