The password for today is “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”
POSTED 6.26.14 Blog

My outfit of choice as a third year Junior was the always, classy bright red FDL sweat suit. I cannot tell you how confident I felt strutting my stuff up the camp road, doing Colors or in the Dining Hall, wearing my beloved tomato suit.

When I returned to camp as a Mid, tomato suits were a thing of the past. The new trend included white, ribbed tank tops paired with various colors of Soffee shorts, neither of which I owned. I remember admiring the Seniors with their mouths full of braces, French braids and the coolest outfit choices.

As a Senior, I finally figured out that braces really aren’t all that great and that my hair formed frizzy dreadlocks when left in a French braid for too long. I learned that trends come and go and that every summer, I would return to camp and quickly become aware of the new “in thing.”

What didn’t change each year were my friends who welcomed me back each summer regardless of the choice of clothing or trendy hairstyle that debuted at the beginning of every session. Even though Lady Caroline experiment in ’09, Lady Hannah Risko was often seen wearing patterned gaucho pants last summer and Lady Kate’s default outfit includes a yellow tie-dye lion tee, they still remained my awesome and crazy camp b.f.f.’s.

I think what I love most about camp is that no matter who you are or what you wear, FDL is one of the few places you can totally be yourself. I could literally wear German lederhosen to the Carnival and no one would bat an eye. Everyone’s camp wardrobe has changed over time and will always continued to change. No matter what anyone wears, camp will always be a place for experimenting with flannels, Patagonia hats or excessive amounts of sorority clothing. So be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear and never be afraid to start your own trend. Camp is the best place in the world for that.

-Lady Emma Fricke