The password for today is You’re never going to guess what happened yesterday at camp.
POSTED 7.20.14 Blog

Dear Beloved Home Friends,

I’m sorry that I make you see

Every camp picture that I take

But you just can’t understand the memories that they make.

I’m sorry that I talk in code

Like Shang, WOGS, and EP

But you just can’t comprehend the meaning they have to me.

I’m sorry that I obsess

About every camp meal

But you just can’t grasp the fact that French toast sticks are a huge deal.

I’m sorry that I always say

Lady this and Lady that

But you just can’t describe the feeling of patrol with a fisher cat.

I’m sorry that all my stories

Take place in Tent J

But you just can’t recite the poem we use to end each day.

I’m sorry that I go on and on

About the Mid field that I love

But you just can’t feel the peace of the Big Dipper glowing above.

I’m sorry that I gush over camp friends

I really don’t mean to

But you just can’t seem to hug me the way my camp friends do.

I’m sorry that every summer

I seem to disappear

But you just can’t fully understand the family I’ve found here.

Still I won’t stop sharing

And trying to make you see

What this little camp is such a big part of me.

-Lady Elena