The secret opportunity of tomorrow
POSTED 4.10.15 Blog

I have lived in and around New England for my entire life, so I know what winter brings and usually I am prepared to deal with everything that is brings with it. Then this year and this winter weaken my resolve; it has just simply lasted too long. It is the house guest who came for a weekend and stayed for a month; I and, I imagine, many of you are well-past being ready for it to leave once and for all. So in planning tomorrow’s event, I billed as a Spring Event and after driving through far too much snow on Wednesday, I decided that this event may just be the very thing that brings spring on for good.

So come out and join me and your other camp friends at the Skyzone in Westborough, MA from 1:00 to 3:00. We will jump, talk, and laugh winter away. Book your jump time at! Socks are on us! I hope to see you there.

-Lady Sarena