there is hope for all of us
POSTED 10.2.13 Blog

We all have tendencies that we are not exactly proud of or at least, I do and I assume that everyone else does to make myself feel a little better. On my list of less than stellar traits is the fact that historically, I am an awful correspondent. I used to bill myself as a terrible pen pal until a friend pointed out that my failings extended beyond the written word. Things that I am fastidious about in a work setting, returning emails and phone calls, meeting deadlines, generally being on top of things, I completely let go of in my personal life.

I do not return phone calls in a timely manner. Before you think that’s this is a pretty common flaw, I do not return them to the point that my friends have left messages threatening to call the authorities and report me as a missing person on about half a dozen occasions over the last three years alone. Seemingly with all the social media available to me, I could balance out this practice by keeping the people in my life updated as to my whereabouts that way. But I don’t. I post so infrequently that every time I do, one of my friends responds with some sort of shock that I still exist. I do not return emails in a timely manner or I do and then when they write back, I drop off the face of the earth again. Letters are worse. In college, I was writing to my friend, Jon, because that was the only communication available to both of us. Every letter I sent, several weeks after he had written me, included a lengthy apology about my delay in responding. He kept all of them and still makes fun of me for it.

Knowing all of this about myself, I do one thing really well. I visit. I take the time off, I make the journey, and I never have an ulterior motive.  I never say I’m there to see them but really just want to do something in whatever place they live in. When I visit you, I am there to hang out with you. I like to think that this sincerity of intent makes up for all of my other shortcomings as a friend. Some of my friends would probably disagree but that might just be because I haven’t visited them yet.

My point is this- emails, phone calls, letters are wonderful but nothing beats the in person visit. This weekend you have an amazing opportunity for all sorts of quality time and actually, it’s better than quality time because it’s quality time at camp. Fall Family Festival kicks off in just a few days and there is still time to register. I’m sure that all of you are infinitely better correspondents than I am but think about it- Aren’t you a little overdue for some face to face time looking out at Laurel Lake?

– Lady Sarena