They were never used, I swear- An introduction to Plunger Ball
POSTED 12.29.14 Blog

From the group who brought you Roofball, I am proud to let you in on Farmhouse’s newest lawn game, Plunger Ball! Though before I continue, I should note that when talking about this game, you must say it with pure enthusiasm and loudly. So it is not Plunger Ball, it’s Plunggger Baalll! Now that we have that settled, you will need the following supplies to play:

4 participants, who form 2 teams

4 clean simple toilet plungers

1 inflatable beach ball, aka 1 Roofball

1 Referee

The game begins with one player from each team with their plungers on the far pillars of the Farmhouse porch, one on either side. The other two players stand with their plungers on either flagpole. Once all players are properly situated, the referee commits the “Big Dump”, throwing the game ball from the porch onto the playing field. Players may only move after the Big Dump has been released and is in the air.

Then the madness ensues.


All four players attempt to get the ball on their plunger while also keeping it away from the other team. Plungers may be used to secure the ball for carrying purposes and to bat the ball away from opposing players. They cannot be used to hit the shins of other players (again, Lady Annie, very sorry about that).


In order to score, the ball must be thrown through the center pillars of the porch. If thrown directly from the plunger, it is a Number 2 and yields the scoring team two points.


If knocked in by the plunger, it is a Number 1 and worth one point. It is important to note that while it is acceptable to kick the ball away from the opposing team, kicking the ball into the goal will not yield any points.

Plunger Ball is generally played to a score of 10 or until one team or both collapse in exhaustion.


Seriously, it is surprisingly more aerobic activity than you imagine when you agree to chase three other people around the lawn with a toilet plunger. Now let’s see what we come up with during the summer of 2015.

-Lady Sarena