What does the Farmhouse mean to you?
POSTED 5.24.18 Blog

We asked a couple of former Farmhouse residents to share what the Farmhouse means to them. Read on to learn what they had to say about our beloved building.

Matoaka Kipp 
There is no place at camp that I love more than the Farmhouse. Each summer I spend there, I feel more connected to camp and all the incredible people who lived there before me, and whose name tags line the upstairs doorways. Though the Farmhouse greets new people each summer, it remains timeless.

Things that come to mind when I think of the Farmhouse:  tea and coffee on chilly mornings, wind blowing through the windows at night, the coolness of the Writing Room on the hottest of days, the sound of the Farmhouse pets running through the living room, warm blankets and soft couches, a mantel of miscellaneous books, late nights of “Heads Up!” and “Fax Machine” in the writing room, a limitless variety of teas, snuggles and warm hugs, the first and last destination of campers and staff, CDs, photos, and other memories tacked to the kitchen bulletin board, vibrant hanging plants on the porch, rocking chairs and coke shed beverages, all 23 CT’s making soup and mac and cheese in the kitchen, a living museum of camp’s history, Flossy, every Fleur de Lis item ever made (from candles, to pillows, to lampshades), constantly losing my shoes and stealing Lamy’s on my way to classes, floral wallpaper, “is it rainy day activities??”, Richard’s warm smile and the sound of his work boots on the wood floor, sleeping cats in the linen closet, the sunny, scratchy, brown Farmhouse lawn looking over Laurel Lake, an unchanged oasis, a sacred place.


Amy Bates
What the Farmhouse means to me:

  • Partaking in meaningful chats rocking on the Farmhouse Porch
  • Listening to endless phone ringing
  • Enjoying the invention of legendary games like roofball and plungerball
  • Basking in the perfect sunny spot on the Farmhouse lawn
  • Listening to campers laugh as they come back from riding and eat candy (from candy store) on the porch
  • Tasting delicious lemon bars left over from Visiting Day in the kitchen
  • Smelling coffee brewing all day every day
  • Pulling a few pranks (cream cheese deodorant anyone?)
  • Hearing the joy when staff and CTs get mail
  • Getting the full debrief when staff returns from a night out

The Farmhouse is truly the hub of camp. You can always find someone or something there that you need: whether it’s 50 ping pong balls, nut cups, someone to play a game with, camp history, old photographs, that thing that you swear you left somewhere, just the person you were looking for, lots of hugs, or someone who asks, “How can I help?”

I think the problems of the world could be solved with enough time to rock and talk on the Farmhouse Porch. That porch has heard so much, always with consistent comfort. The Farmhouse welcomes us as we joyfully and nervously arrive at camp — and absorbs our tears as we slowly say goodbye.  Until we meet again, no matter how long that is, that immediate sense of comfort always comes back the moment you see the Farmhouse. It will always be waiting for you to come, sit and rock next to an old friend.


So now we ask; what does the Farmhouse mean to you?

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