What is the best and worst part of camp?
POSTED 9.13.16 Blog

This part isn’t out of the ordinary:

Every summer before campers depart, we hand them a piece of paper that asks a lot of questions. Things like: “Were your counselors welcoming?” and “What activities did you want to try, but didn’t?” and “Rate the camp food on a scale of 1-5.”

Most of these are simple multiple choice answers, where we get wrinkled papers with scribbled, scraggly penciled circles around each answer. But our favorite part is reading what the best and worst part of camp is for each camper.

This individualized feedback gives us such great insight into what the Juniors dislike about camp (hint: they sometimes miss their parents), how we can improve for Mid campers (hint: they really don’t want to learn about fungi on trips), and why Seniors keep coming back to camp year after year (hint: something about their best friends, right?!).

Every day for the rest of September, we’ll be tweeting our favorite responses on our Twitter profile. If you don’t have Twitter, you can still check our public profile and read some of our tweets.

Why are we doing this?

Some of the responses are incredibly cute and worth sharing, like my personal favorite:

But a lot of them may also resonate with current and past campers: the themes of friendship, being yourself, being comfortable at camp, and most campers’ answer to “Worst part of camp?”: “Nothing.”

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