What We Do After Summer
POSTED 10.2.19 Blog

Fall has arrived at Fleur de Lis. The leaves are changing from their summer green to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. The nights are cooler but happily, the days are mostly warm and sunny with bright blue skies. The wildlife is more active with frequent sightings of deer, fox, and turkeys as they prepare for cold weather. The honking of Canada Geese is frequently heard overhead as they head south for the winter. We do miss summer but all in all, it is a special time at Fleur de Lis.


AND camp is still a very busy place. Richard Whipple, our Property Manager, has been hard at work buttoning up camp for the winter – taking tents down, closing up cabins, pulling in docks, turning off the water, and the hundred and one tasks that need to happen before the snow flies. Lots of projects are happening that are best done in the offseason – painting of platforms and shutters, tree trimming, electrical and plumbing work, and even the installation of a new septic tank for the Health Center.


We’re often asked what we do in the offseason or even if we work during the offseason – the answers to these questions are lots of things and YES! Right now, we’re busy wrapping up the summer of 2019 and planning for 2020. We’re enrolling returning and new campers, creating the FDL calendar, scheduling fun fall and winter events, registering for camp fairs, writing articles for our Laurel Leaves newsletters, planning for the Circle Week event in November, brainstorming activities and special events for camp, working on the Farmhouse project, revising forms and materials, fund-raising, creating social media posts, and we’ve even hired our first counselor for the 2020 season!


Through everything we do, we have one overarching goal… making Fleur de Lis the best summer experience for girls. Whether it’s through improvements to our site, creating new programs, hiring excellent staff, or staying in touch with families, this goal guides our work. While obviously the summer is the most fun and exciting time of the year, this is a pretty great time of the year too, as we reflect on the past and dream about the future of Fleur de Lis.

Here’s to the summer of 2020!