Where in the World is Fleur de Lis?
POSTED 9.20.13 Blog

On a van retrieval¬†expedition during pre-camp, Ladies Emily Grilli and K. Crow warned me of a strange phenomenon that has been known to happen to FDL alumnae and staff. It seems that once you become acquainted with FDL and its namesake symbol, you start seeing them everywhere. It made sense to me, as it is an image that has been adopted by more than just our camp, but as they pointed out, it isn’t simply that you see them in places outside of camp; it’s that you see them in really random places.

Given my nature, I was not entirely convinced. Until, I went to retrieve a car that my brother so kindly shipped to me from Texas. On the trailer underneath my car, I saw a silver SUV and this-



Now while not a complete replica of our iconography, it is a fleur-de-lis and it seemed a little strange that it happened to be on a car shipped all the way from Texas with another car destined for someone who would see it as something other than the New Orleans Saints logo. So in the spirit of this strange coincidence, I am proposing the following contest:

From now until Halloween, keep your eyes out and cameras (or phones) ready. Post your fleur-de-lis sightings onto the FDL Facebook with a brief explanation of where you found it. The person or persons with the most random/strange/amazing photo will be handsomely rewarded.

Good Luck,

-Lady Sarena