Why Fleur de Lis was my favorite part of summer 2017
POSTED 11.6.17 Blog

Fleur de Lis Ambassador Hailey Davis wrote a blog about why summer 2017 at Fleur de Lis was special:

This summer was a ton of fun. I went to the beach, swam at the pool, hung out with my friends, went to cape cod, turned thirteen. All in all it was a very fun summer, but my favorite part by far was going to Fleur de lis sleep away camp in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. I stayed at Fleur de Lis camp for three weeks, I slept in a platform tent with four other girls, It was the best. We were by far the loudest tent at camp, from late night giggles to hysterical laughing during our “rest hour”.  We were like sisters, we laughed together,  cried together, threw pillows at each other, everything we experienced we experienced it together. I also loved the camp activities, my favorite was riflery.  In rifle I got two awards and multiple bullseyes it was overall my favorite activity.  A lifelong sisterhood and many memories never to be forgotten, that’s what sleep away camp means to me.

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