Why I Stayed 7 Weeks
POSTED 4.16.18 Blog

By CT Emme Schewe

Emme Schewe and friends as 2nd-year Seniors at William Lawrence.

After being at camp for 7 years, I can easily say that my two summers in the Senior field were some of the best times of my life. I got to spend every minute with my best friends making memories that would last a lifetime. Not only was I able to get closer with my own year, but I was able to bond with the entire Senior field. It was hard to imagine that I would be spending my entire summer away from home, my family, and friends, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Staying for 7 weeks allowed me to do things I had never done before at camp. For one thing, I got to meet so many new people. After spending the previous summer in the July session, staying 7 weeks allowed me to meet and connect with so many new people, some of whom I even got to spend another summer with as a CT! As well as meeting new people, I got to participate in so many new activities including the Ping Pong Tournament, which was one that I had never been able to play in because I was never at camp at the right time. Along with new activities, there were new traditions I got to experience, as well. Interruptions and Cathedral of the Pines were some of my favorites!

Being a camper at Fleur de Lis Camp goes by faster than you think, so you have to take advantage of every single moment. I can’t believe my first summer at camp was almost 8 years ago — it feels like just yesterday I was walking into the door of cabin E. With my Senior years being my last years as a camper, I wanted to spent as much time as possible with my friends, making the most of every moment. I am so grateful for everything Fleur de Lis Camp has given me and I wouldn’t trade my last 7 weeks as a camper for anything.