Why our camp has an Ambassador program
POSTED 11.12.16 Blog

Here’s something that’s true: no one knows camp like campers do, no one loves camp like campers do, and no one is more excited about camp than campers are.

So during our recruitment season, why would we rely on someone who hasn’t been a camper for at least 10 years talk about the awesomeness of camp? Of course, an adult can speak to the important bullet points: the safety, the accreditations, the skill-building, the housing. But is that really why people go to camp? Don’t they go for the friendships, the memories, the chance to build confidence, to learn new things?

Our Ambassador pilot program launched in the Spring of 2016. We chose a handful of camp lovers; kids with strong leadership skills from areas where we generally have interest in camp.

These Ambassadors are all different ages but focus on one thing in particular: helping to recruit new campers. They are responsible for finding girls who might be good “camp kids,” ideally ages 8-10 years old, who would be interested in camp. Ambassadors then host an Open House at their house (or public space) for families interested in camp. This is where the Ambassador parents come in: they help their camper market the event, and they help speak about camp.

Our first Open House season is underway, and it has been amazing to see how supportive and excited our Ambassador families have been! We are so proud of the girls and their parents for helping pilot this program.

Have any questions? Comments? Ideas on how we can make this even more stellar? Post below!