Why registering now helps us run camp
POSTED 1.24.18 Blog

Did you know: registering for camp early really helps Fleur de Lis?

Did you know: Fleur de Lis employs five people to work full-time, year-round on camp? While we wish we could attribute all of the incredible camp moments to “camp magic,” there is a TON of work that goes into making camp appear effortless and magical. Don’t get us wrong: all the work is totally worth it. It takes a team of us — MJ, Karin, Hannah, Sarah, and Richard, as well as the Board—to ensure the summer is successful.

This is one of the reasons you may receive emails from us during the early fall that nudge you towards “early registration.” A lot of you do sign up early: right now, we have 64 campers (and counting!) signed up for next summer. That number makes us so happy because it means 64 campers will be spending their summer with us at Fleur de Lis! This also means we can start to estimate how many staff to hire (someone’s gotta perform at Introductions!), better plan trips and programs (from laser tag to Carnival Day) and pay our year round bills (Richard’s probably working hard in his workshop as you read this!). All of these things are essential to keeping camp running, and making it one of the best places to spend summers as a girl in New England.

Registering early is also a big commitment from you: it means you settle on dates for your family trip or figure out which dates will work with sport team obligations. We offer a small discount (and this year, T-shirts) to help you to register early. But most people who register early seemingly don’t sign up because they get a cool tee; they sign up because they want to commit their daughter and their family to Fleur de Lis.

We appreciate the time and thought you take in considering Fleur de Lis.  For those who might not be ready to make that decision quite yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We are happy to talk to see if Fleur de Lis is the right fit for you and your family this summer. In addition for our new families, we would be happy to connect you with other campers and families who can share their perspective on our “camp magic.”

Thank you for your support of camp! You are the backbone of the camp and the mission. And Fleur de Lis wouldn’t exist without you!

— Ladies MJ, Sarah, and Hannah