With Gratitude
POSTED 11.24.19 Blog

The month of November is often associated with gratitude. Like so many, we find ourselves thinking about people, places and things that are dear to our hearts.

A “summer camp”, even one that is as beautiful as Fleur de Lis, is really just land and buildings until you add the special ingredient… the people.

Our parents, families and girls are one of our very special ingredients.  We know there are so many ways a girl can spend her summer, and we feel fortunate that our families value the camp experience enough to choose Fleur de Lis for their daughter. We also appreciate that it can be a bit “nervous-making” to entrust your child to others. We are honored that you have chosen us and trust us to care for your daughter while she is with us in the summer. We take this trust very seriously and strive to create an environment where girls can discover themselves, make positive choices, develop life skills, create deep friendships, have joyous fun, and create memories that will last throughout their lives.

We are deeply grateful for another special ingredient – our staff.  Each summer we bring together a group of people to serve as positive adult role models as they teach, mentor, care for, and have fun with our girls. They come from different parts of the world with diverse life experiences. The reasons they come to camp are many. Some have grown up in camp and often cite that they want to give back to the community that has given them so much. New staff members are excited about teaching skills, working with children, being outdoors, making friends, etc. etc.

For whatever reason staff come, they soon realize that it is a job working 24-hour days, 7-days a week that requires being a friend, coach, big sister, and parent all rolled into one. They demonstrate amazing commitment every day as they give so much of themselves to create a magical experience for girls.

And of course, a camp that is 90 years old has a third group of people that are so important to all of us – our dedicated alumnae and volunteers. These women and men are such an important part of camp in so many ways. Their service comes in many forms – from sharing the FDL story and providing us with history and inspiration, to serving on committees, volunteering at camp and Circle Week, fundraising, and even parking cars on Opening Day! We all benefit from their time, energy, and support and it is quite possible that without their caring and commitment, Fleur de Lis would not have reached its 90th summer.

So, as we reflect this November, we are very grateful for all the people that make Fleur de Lis the special place that lives in our hearts.