Yay Final Trip!
POSTED 8.14.13 Blog


My last trip of the summer was a huge success! The first year mids successfully climbed Mount Moadnock on Wednesday. The 17 campers and 4 staff members hiked with ease up the most climbed mountain in the world in perfect weather for an August hike. Everyone stayed positive during the tough first half of the climb as we navigated roots, rocks and stumps. A few of the campers tested Lady Andrea’s college running fitness by wanting to climb to the top in under two hours! We were successful in reaching the top and had a nice long picnic lunch- my last peanut butter and jelly of the summer!

We decided to take our time on the way down to avoid injury and enjoy the beautiful weather. The incentive of Gatorade, a snow cone and candy motivated the girls to slide down the rocks with ease. Overall, I could not ask for a better final trip and I enjoyed the summit view of Fleur de Lis from Mount Moadnock. I can not believe the summer is over and each trip was more enjoyable than the next. I will miss the contagious ‘Yay Trip!’ chant from the dinning hall pre and post my trip adventures.

For the final time of the summer…

Cheers and Smores!

Lady Emily