Yay so much trip!
POSTED 8.5.13 Blog

I’m terribly sorry for the delay… Here you go!

The third year kids were the first group of the session to venture out on trip. We had an epic adventure planned to go tubing on the Battenkill River in VT but unfortunately due to thunderstorms, we camped in the barn for the evening and enjoyed endless marshmallows. The following day we headed to the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich, VT to explore their indoor and outdoor exhibits. The museum was a huge hit with the girls, especially the Sound and Space feature and the outdoor walking trails. Despite the rain, the girls sang their way back from trip to Taylor Swift, enjoying themselves.

Cheers and S’mores
Lady Grill

Greenfield State Park Round 2!
The second year mid trip to Greenfield State Park has proven to be one of my favorites of the summer. The girls enjoy the large lake front beach, which proves to have a breath-taking sunset night after night. With 19 campers, we set up a compound of tents at the youth camping site and cooked burgers and hotdog over the fire with the help of Ladies Betsy and Matoaka and CTs Elsa and Emily. It was great to have extra staff along for the night and we kept the fire going until the stars could light up the night. The second year mids really bonded during the trip and the staff taught them our favorite bonding game “Birdie on a perch!”

Overall, a very successful trip for all involved. The first year mids are eager to find out when they will be hitting Mount Moadnock for their trip but shhhh, that comes in the last week! Untill next time, search for a shooting star in the late summer sky.

Cheers and s’mores
Lady Emily

SR TRIP- O-AT-KA Rifle Team here we come!
The senior trip for August session is always the long awaited travel to our brother camp in Maine O-AT-KA! The applecart staff geared up the girls for the long drive to Lake Sebago but the beautiful waterfront and country Maine roads passed the time. The O-AT-KA men were incredibly accommodating hosts with a camp dance full of lights, cookies and even a bonfire on the beach.
The Dream-team of rifle shooters got a great nights sleep while Lady Ms. Crowley and I rose for the beautiful sunrise over Sebago. Seven of the girls joined the boys for the Polar Bear Plunge swim at 7:10 in the morning before breakfast. It is tradition for the boys to hop in every morning for a week in August when the mornings are chilly and our girls increased their “survival skills” as they called it and braved the icy waters. While the rifle teams competed, the rest of the seniors enjoyed a day of tubing, diving and swimming on the waterfront.

As only tradition would have it, Fleur de Lis came out victorious during the rifle match with the high scores Rachel Cooke and Susie Polese with a pair of 96’s. We piled in the cars and listened to 90s music on our return to camp. Another successful trip worthy of a “YAY TRIP” cheer in the dinning hall!

Cheers and S’mores
Lady Emily