Yay trip #2!
POSTED 7.12.13 Blog

With a hike under my boots and the thunderstorms passed, it was time for the senior rafting trip. So eighteen campers and five enthusiastic ladies headed to western Massachusetts on Tuesday to head down the Deerfield River.

Our campsite was very fancy by my humble standards, complete with a swimming pool, playground, and billiard room for our use. The girls immediately took advantage of these amenities, cooling off while Ladies Jo, Betsy, and I tended to our fire for dinner.

After our dinner, the girls spent time with Lady Grace and her roll of black and white film, getting in touch with their artistic side before our day of paddling. Wednesday afternoon found the girls on the river, laughing and engaging in an epic waterfight with buckets and paddle splashes while surfing the rapids. Our way back home was nice and relaxing after a hard day on the river and a switch from rap to Ed Sheeran on the radio. We arrived back to camp only a little late for dinner and eager to share our adventure with everyone else!


Cheers and S’mores,

Lady Emily Grilli