Yay trip!
POSTED 7.2.13 Blog

The first hike of the summer was a success! From soggy tents, plastic cups of Lucky Charms, scaling rock faces at the summit to a Gatorade and M&M reward at the bottom, the first year mids made it! Lady Sophie and I were so proud of our ten new hikers after a long afternoon on Mount Monadnock.

The thunderstorms held off on Sunday as we started our hike. At first, we all struggled to find our footing on the trail but we persevered, climbing the 3,165 feet to the summit. Despite the sweat, bug bites, and minor scrapes, all of the girls kept their heads up and sang cheerfully. Overall, it was a great first trip and a wonderful way for me to start the summer as Trip Head.

Next up, the seniors are headed out to go white water rafting and the 3rd year mids will be canoeing across Laurel Lake. So stay tuned!

Cheers and S’mores,

Lady Emily Grilli