You and I both know that Farmhouse is haunted
POSTED 7.11.15 Blog

It is a generally accepted fact that the Farmhouse is haunted, not in a sinister way mind you, but haunted nonetheless. There are creaks in the night and doors that slam and belongings that disappear for a bit only to reappear exactly where you have already looked for them. But most of these occurrences can also be explained by the fact that there are seven of us living here and a host of others who pass through on a daily and frequent basis.

The real spirits who reside here are the memories and faces that once and still call it home even though they might not be here this year. The simple fact of living here is that your room is not your own, at least not exclusively, and yours is not the first voice to break into laughter in the kitchen or revive a story long forgotten in the Writing Room. In a house as old as this one, it is to be expected that there is a bit of history around each corner but in the Farmhouse, not all of it dates back to 1929. Actually, some of it is less than a year old like my current favorite memory of Lady Bridget’s reaction to a cup of coffee that was delivered without being requested by Lady Grace.

Regardless of the number of years gone by, these memories and the ghosts that go with them will forever be welcome housemates. This past week, though, we have experienced a rash of many of our favorite spirits returning to their corporeal form right in front of us. Visits have been the order of the day, it seems and we are all the better for it. So let this serve as a reminder that we love and welcome your presence, whether it is in a visit to camp or a doorway lined in nametags or a favorite stories told late into the night.

-Lady Sarena