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Experience Joy, Belonging, Friendship

Fleur de Lis Camp is a classic sleepaway summer camp for girls ages 8 to 17, located on the shores of Laurel Lake in Fitzwilliam, NH. For more than 90 years, girls have made new friends, developed self-confidence and independence, and tried new things, all having fun being a part of a caring community. 


Joy, Belonging, Friendship. At Fleur de Lis Camp, these are more than just words, they're at the center of the Fleur de Lis experience. Joy is the magical combination of happiness and the bliss of feeling completely at ease with oneself. Our girls find this feeling at camp. Belonging begins with girls being accepted and celebrated as the truest version of  themselves and valued as part of our community. This builds the confidence it takes to support others and serve their community. At Fleur de Lis, girls make friends with others of all ages and from all walks of life that grow into loyal lifelong friendships.

Girls return to Fleur de Lis Camp summer after summer where they are empowered to try new things, take on challenges, and discover themselves. They are free to play and be silly. Girls live simply and find their second home at camp surrounded by the beauty of our forests, fields, and, of course, the lake.

Fleur de Lis Camp has been located in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, since our founding in 1929. Fleur de Lis Camp was the vision of a small group of women who wanted to bring girls together for summers filled with play, adventure, and growth. This long history continues today, supporting girls on their journey to becoming strong confident people. Come and join us for a 1, 2, 3.5, or 7-week session and see just how much fun your summer can be!


* Fleur de Lis Camp is a non-profit 501c3 organization.*​

Share the Love of Fleur de Lis Camp









Do you remember how you first learned about Fleur de Lis?  Maybe you attended a camp fair, or found us on social media?  Maybe it was a friend who attended camp and came home excited to share it with you.  Perhaps your sister, mom, or grandmother went to camp, and they couldn’t wait to pass along this tradition to you.  Was it a family friend or colleague that told you how much their daughter loved camp?  

Maybe this will be your first summer at camp, and we can’t wait to welcome you!  Maybe you have a friend that would like to join you at camp this summer?  Maybe you just found out about us for the first time?  If you have already been to camp, worked at camp, or have a daughter or granddaughter at camp, you know what it means to love camp.  Perhaps you have experienced it yourself or seen it in the face of a loved one.  The feeling of driving up the Lake road on opening day, walks on the camp road, singing in the dining hall, jumping in the lake, the friendships, the opportunity to just be yourself, try new things, and build your confidence; the laughter, the tears, the life-changing experience. 
We invite you to join our Share the Love of Fleur de Lis challenge!  When you Share the Love, it's a win-win for you, for our enrolled campers, and for Fleur de Lis!  We are here to tell you about this exciting new challenge and and what's in it for you and your camper!  Click HERE to learn more.


Fleur de Lis Camp in New Hamphsire
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