Camper FAQ's


So you're all signed up for camp but don't quite know what to expect . . . or maybe you're still not sure if camp is right for you. Don't worry. We know you may still have questions, so we've put together a list of the most common things people ask before they come (and if you don't see it here, reach out to us anytime using the chat button below and we'll answer you right away!)

Frequenty asked questions from campers

Where will I live?

8-10 year olds are part of the Junior Unit and live in a cabin with limited electricity and a bathroom. They share their cabin with four to five other girls and at least one staff member, as well as a counselor-in-training. 11-13 year olds are part of the Mid unit and live with 3-4 other girls their age with one counselor and a counselor-in-training. Younger Mids live in cabins with electricity and older Mids transition to the beloved platform tents. Nearby is a bathhouse (known as a WOG at Fleur de Lis) with electricity, hot outdoor showers, and flushing toilets. All Senior campers live in platform tents in the Senior Field with their own WOG. Quickly these cabins and tents become a cozy home to campers.

What activities will I do at camp?

We have over 20 different activities for you to try at Fleur de Lis Camp! To see the full list, click here. You get to choose your activities and a schedule and a schedule is designed for you based on your choices – the only required activity is swimming in beautiful Laurel Lake!

Do we take any trips?

Junior campers take a day trip off camp with an outdoor focus. Mids, in small groups, do a one-night overnight pitching tents and have a local adventure the next day from climbing Mt. Monadnock to hiking the Cheshire County Rail Trails. Senior campers travel to a brother camp once a session for a social and rifle competition and in early July, they take a high adventure trip.

What kind of food will I eat?

Our campers love our food! We have a special cooking team that creates the best meals. We also have a pasta bar during lunch, a salad bar at lunch and supper, and plenty of options for breakfast, between pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, granola, yogurt, and more! We also have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

Can I have my phone at camp?

No, phones are not allowed at camp. We like to say that we have a limited electronics environment. What that means is that you may see staff play music via their phones. It also means that some electronics are permitted, these include MP3 players and E-Readers that cannot connect to data.

How do I sign up for activities?

When you arrive at camp for the first day, you get to try out some of the activities. Campers pick five activities in which to participate. A schedule is created based on a 1-5 choice with your top pick being the activity you have most often. First time campers “try” each activity before signing up. Campers staying four weeks or longer may adjust their activities and sign up for new activities at the midpoint of their stay.

Where do campers come from?

Our campers come from all over the United States – even though most of them are from the East Coast and Boston area. But we do have campers from all over the world, too, including Spain, Venezuela, and France!