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Fleur de Lis Camp grew out of the vision of a small group of women in the 1920s who were part of a service organization known as the Order of Fleur de Lis. Scattered throughout the state of Massachusetts, these service organizations wanted a place to gather in the summer where they could live together in the healthy outdoors while continuing to live by the core values that remain part of the FDL Mission today. Originally rooted in Christian traditions, the Fleur de Lis community today is comprised by members of all faiths and traditions.

Fleur de Lis’ program is conducted in a natural environment, both safe and nurturing, with the intention of fostering leadership skills, citizenship, and self-confidence, while helping each girl reach her full potential. The girls and young women of Fleur de Lis are developed in a spirit of cooperation and respect with a focus on friendship, mentoring, positive example, and challenges appropriate to the individual girl.

Fleur de Lis affirms its responsibility and obligation as a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization serving the welfare of girls and young women. In this spirit we strive to make our program affordable to all.

Since 1929, girls have been gathering in Fitzwilliam on the shores of Laurel Lake to learn new skills, develop lifelong friendships, and gain independence and confidence in an active and safe outdoor living environment. With over 90 years of experience as a camp for girls, Fleur de Lis continues to provide the experience that many have enjoyed for decades to girls and young women from all over the country and world.

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