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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Fleur de Lis Camp


DEIB Vision

FDL embodies Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging through our camp community and the global communities our campers, staff, and alumni call home. We set the summer camp standard for developing cultures of belonging.


We help Campers, Staff & Alumni to:

  • Become confident in being their true authentic selves by affirming their identities.  

  • Live and grow with others with differing perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enabling them to seek out similar perspectives away from camp.

  • Feel a deep and lasting sense of belonging as a result of being part of a diverse and equitable camp. 


DEIB Mission

FDL is a place where all feel included, empowered, and that they belong. Differences are embraced, appreciated, and celebrated, disrupting a history of exclusion. Providing a safe environment for self-discovery, exploration, and development while modeling a broad and diverse representation of identities.


DEIB Guiding Principles


At Fleur de Lis Camp, developing strong relationships with others is at the core of the camp experience. Our current and former campers value the friendships they build with people who have diverse experiences, interests, and backgrounds. Fleur de Lis strives to build, honor, and retain a diverse camp community with respect to race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexuality, gender identity & expression, ability, age, family structure, culture, faith, political beliefs, and other identities. Diversity is a priority at Fleur de Lis so that every camper, CT, and member of staff can find both shared experience and differences to learn from. Additionally, Fleur de Lis shows campers the many facets of leadership, and continuing this tradition of empowerment will mean continuing to expand our community of diverse role models.



At Fleur de Lis, equity is the decision-making tool that guides camp policies, procedures, and practices such that they attend to the needs & interests of all individuals. We recognize that equitable systems are not the same as equal systems. In an equitable Fleur de Lis community, we strive to provide what is necessary in order to have rewarding and positive camp experiences.


Fleur de Lis works to foster a camp culture overflowing with opportunities to celebrate what is unique about and important to each individual, while actively searching for and removing barriers to participation. Our goal is to create an environment in which individuals feel empowered to share their authentic selves and self-determine the ways in which they would like to contribute to and participate in camp life. In order to Increase inclusion, Fleur de Lis commits to a practice of encouraging the voices of all, listening with curiosity and gratitude, and co-creating our community with its members. In doing this we reflect the possibility of a world in which all those who attend Fleur de Lis are intrinsically valued and encouraged to seek their place in the world.



We believe belonging occurs when each individual feels appreciated as their full self, embraced by friendship, surrounded by joy, and responsible to the community that cares for them. Belonging is what we hope each community member will experience when at Fleur de Lis, in part thanks to the existing and growing diversity of our

members, the equitable distribution of our resources, and the inclusion we strive to foster throughout camp life.

Gender Policy

In keeping with our mission of promoting the well-being of girls and young women socially, educationally and physically, Fleur de Lis Camp defines girls and young women as being:

– those born biologically female who identify as female; and

– those not born biologically female but who identify as and live their lives within their schools and communities as female.

Any additional gender related circumstances not covered in this policy will be reviewed by the Executive Director in consultation with senior administrative staff and/or the Fleur de Lis board.

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