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Fleur de Lis Camp promotes the well-being of girls and young women socially, educationally and physically. We provide opportunities and experiences to help them become self-sufficient and productive members of their community and the world.

Fleur de Lis’ program is conducted in a natural environment, both safe and nurturing, with the intention of fostering leadership skills, citizenship, and self-confidence, while helping each girl reach her full potential. The girls and young women of Fleur de Lis are developed in a spirit of cooperation and respect with a focus on friendship, mentoring, positive example, and challenges appropriate to the individual girl.

Fleur de Lis affirms its responsibility and obligation as a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization serving the welfare of girls and young women. In this spirit we strive to make our program affordable to all.

Gender Policy

In keeping with our mission of promoting the well-being of girls and young women socially, educationally and physically, Fleur de Lis Camp defines girls and young women as being:


– those born biologically female who identify as female; and

– those not born biologically female but who identify as and live their lives within their schools and communities as female.


Any additional gender related circumstances not covered in this policy will be reviewed by the Executive Director in consultation with senior administrative staff and/or the Fleur de Lis board.

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