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Share the love at Fleur de Lis Camp

Do you remember how you first learned about Fleur de Lis?  Maybe you attended a camp fair, or found us on social media?  Maybe it was a friend who attended camp and came home excited to share it with you.  Perhaps your sister, mom, or grandmother went to camp, and they couldn’t wait to pass along this tradition to you.  Was it a family friend or colleague that told you how much their daughter loved camp?  
Maybe this will be your first summer at camp, and we can’t wait to welcome you!  Maybe you have a friend that would like to join you at camp this summer?  Maybe you just found out about us for the first time?  If you have already been to camp, worked at camp, or have a daughter or granddaughter at camp, you know what it means to love camp.  Perhaps you have experienced it yourself or seen it in the face of a loved one.  The feeling of driving up the Lake road on opening day, walks on the camp road, singing in the dining hall, jumping in the lake, the friendships, the opportunity to just be yourself, try new things, and build your confidence; the laughter, the tears, the life-changing experience. 
We invite you to join our Share the Love of Fleur de Lis challenge!  When you Share the Love, it's a win-win for you, for the new family you refer, and for Fleur de Lis! 
What’s in it for me you ask?​

  • If you are a current family and refer a new family that registers for a 2, 3.5, 5.5, or 7-week 2024 session, you will get $750 off your tuition, and the new enrolling family will also receive a $750 discount!  This discount will apply for each referred camper who enrolls.

  • If you are an alum or family without eligible campers in your family and refer a new camp family who enrolls for a 2024 session, you can pass along this discount to another family for $750 off their tuition!

  • Anyone who refers a new enrolling camper, will also receive a special 2024 Share the Love T-shirt.

  • Campers will receive their t-shirts upon arrival at camp this summer!  We will make arrangements to deliver shirts to any alums who Share the Love.


Other ways to share the love:

  • Some workplaces have places that post summer opportunities for their employees' children – check it out and we’re happy to supply information and photos to help you Share the Love at your workplace.  

  • Sharing, commenting on, and tagging friends on our social media posts.

  • Hosting an event in your home, with our help!  Contact molly@fleurdeliscamp.

  • Posting in community or parenting newsletters, PTO, and community message boards.

  • Print, share, and/or post the NEW flier (available soon on our website) at family-friendly businesses (with permission of course!) such as dentist, dance studio, etc.

  • See our Events tab on our website for upcoming fairs and virtual info sessions you can share with friends.  We are also happy to host a virtual information session at your request.  Contact

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to let people know about what an incredible place Fleur de Lis is, because you are sharing from the heart.  We are so grateful to all of you for being in our community, and for sharing your love of camp with others.  We are excited to see what 2024 brings as we make it possible for more girls to experience camp.  Please join us in Sharing the Love of Fleur de Lis!

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