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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

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For over 85 years Fleur de Lis has been providing a wholesome summer experience that develops new skills, encourages independence, and creates lifelong friendships within a safe and nurturing community. Within our community we help each girl grow and stretch while providing her just the right amount of support to be successful and confident while delivering a program that embodies our core values of integrity, loyalty, and service.

8-10 year olds are part of the Junior Unit and live in a cabin with limited electricity and a bathroom. They share their cabin with four to five other girls and at least one staff member and a counselor-in-training. 11-13 year olds are part of the Mid unit and live with 3-4 other girls their age with one counselor and a counselor-in-training. Younger Mids live in cabins with electricity and older Mids live in platform tents. Nearby is a bathhouse (known as a WOG at Fleur de Lis) with electricity, hot showers, and flushing toilets. Quickly these tents and cabins become a cozy home to campers. All Senior campers live in platform tents.

Along with your daughter we hope you learn to enjoy the lost art of letter writing. Six days a week after lunch, girls gather at the Barn to devour news from home. Each girl is required to write home at least once a week to share camp news. We are proud of our commitment to take a break and be unplugged from email, texting, and cell phones. The camp office is always available for phone calls if you feel the need to check in and speak to your daughter’s counselor or a member of the administrative team.

Each week campers are assigned to a table where they sit with a counselor in a multiage setting. Good manners, shared conversation, nutritional meals, and traditional camp songs make the FdL dining experience something that is important to our camp community and culture. Campers and staff will tell you it is an opportunity to get to know the many members of our camp in a true family setting. Campers will also tell you that the food is great! Our chef, Heidi, has fine-tuned the menu according to campers’ tastes throughout the years. In addition to the main entree and side dishes, the Dining Hall offers a salad bar for lunch and dinner, a yogurt/oatmeal bar for breakfast, a pasta bar for lunch, as well as dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Upon arrival campers choose five activities in which to participate. A schedule is developed based on a 1-5 choice with their top pick being the activity they have most often. First time campers “try” each activity before signing up. Campers staying four weeks or longer may adjust their activities and sign up for new activities at the midpoint of their stay.

Fleur de Lis strives to have campers take a break from electronics. However, music is a big part of camp life and campers are allowed to bring MP3 players with all video removed. Older campers may listen to their MP3 players during quiet times and all campers may use them for music, talent, and skit events. Hand held games and cell phones are prohibited. Campers may, however, bring cameras to camp. All families are reminded that campers spend most of time outdoors and need to decide if such valuable devices should be brought to camp.

For more than five decades Fleur de Lis Camp has been continuously accredited by the American Camp Association, complying with over 300 safety standards from staff qualifications to emergency management.

Yes! We have two brother camps in the New England area.

Camp O-AT-KA

Fleur de Lis has a rich history with Camp O-AT-KA, a boys camp in Sebago, Maine founded in 1906. The property is gorgeous and their program runs similarly to Fleur de Lis Camp, starting their days with a Password and offering many activity options for their campers.

Learn more about Camp O-AT-KA!

William Lawrence

Fleur de Lis also has a brother camp on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire called William Lawrence.

Learn more about William Lawrence’s program!

A $350 non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration for all Standard and Starter resident camp sessions, to be credited to tuition. Space in the program is not fully reserved until the deposit is received.

Tuition balances to be paid in three equal installments by February 15th, April 15th, and May 15th with the entire remainder plus any additional fees, including store credit (incidental account) due on May 15th.
The rates DO NOT INCLUDE cost of Senior trip, special activities, or store credit (incidental costs) for Standard and Starter camp sessions.

No refunds for camp tuition after May 1st. In addition, there are no tuition adjustments or refunds shall be made should your camper be required to leave camp before her sessions expires, except in the case of injury or illness incurred at camp.

For returning campers: Sure! This request needs to be mutual, so a parent/guardian of each camper in the request needs to reach out to communicate the request.

For new campers: We can accommodate bunk requests, but we strongly encourage new campers to trust the science behind our bunk dynamics! We try to put new campers with one more new camper (so they can bond over being new) and with at least 1-2 returning campers (so they can show your camper the ropes). This balance has worked out really well for us, and we are incredibly deliberate in choosing the girls in each tent/cabin, and pairing bunks with staff who best fit the personalities in each cabin.


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