Summer 2021 was so much fun! We are proud to say that we had no COVID at Fleur de Lis Camp. Our staff worked hard to keep camp clean and safe all summer long. Please read more about our Summer 2021 COVID information. We will update if necessary as Summer 2022 approaches. 

COVID Information for 2021 Camper Families

While we have been busy with many of the typical preparations for camp, we have also been actively reviewing best practices from the camps that did successfully open in 2020 as well as staying up to date with the evolving science and protocols that will support a safe and healthy summer for everyone. At this time, we are making plans based on the current guidelines for overnight camps from the State of New Hampshire, the American Camp Association, and the CDC. Our own, MJ Parry, Fleur de Lis Camp’s Executive Director, serves on the NH Camps Board of Directors and has been part of the working group that is making guideline recommendations to the State of NH Reopening Task Force. We recognize that changes may occur in the coming weeks due to the global pandemic situation. The safety of our campers, staff, families, and community remains our highest priority and we will update our COVID preparedness plans through the coming weeks.

Should you have more specific questions than those listed below please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director, MJ Parry (Email: Phone: 603.585.7751). She would be more than happy to discuss your camper joining us at camp this summer.

Health and Welfare of Campers and Staff:

As always, the health and welfare of our camp community remain our most important priority. We are closely engaged with the work of the American Camp Association, New Hampshire Camp Directors Association, and the state and local health departments. We anticipate that some level of safety protocols including wearing masks, social distancing, testing, and group size guidelines will be in place for the summer. As we know more, we will be updating our summer plans.

We are making improvements to our Health Center, as well as other areas of our facility to enhance sanitation. We have been looking carefully at the camp program, staffing, and schedule as it relates to the potential guidelines that will likely be in place for summer. Rest assured, all of this work is grounded in providing the Fleur de Lis experiences we all treasure.



Online registration for summer 2021 is ongoing. All families who want to secure a spot for the summer will need to complete the registration process including those families who rolled over tuition from 2020.  Click here to register.

Additional COVID Fees: 

In the event that there are extraordinary expenses due to COVID, an additional fee of up to $200 per camper may be assessed.

Horseback Riding:

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer horseback riding for the summer 2021 season as it is an off-site program.

Big & Little Weekend 2021:

Big & Little is moving to the fall! This year the weekend will run from Friday, September 3rd to Sunday, September 5th. Registration for Big & Little Weekend 2021 is open and you can register here. Please see the Big & Little page for ongoing updates about this weekend, including COVID safety procedures. 

Circle Week 2021: 

It is with a heavy heart we inform you that we are unable to offer Fleur de Lis Camp Circle Week in August 2021. For more information and ongoing updates about this program, please visit the Circle Week page

Try It Days 2021:

Try It Days are typically held twice a summer for girls who want to have a first-hand experience of a day at camp. Try It Days for summer 2021 have been suspended. 

For more information, please see the links below.

ACA Camp Operations Guide Summer 2021

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)


How is Fleur de Lis preparing the site for the 2021 camp season?

A variety of steps are already in process including: 1. Expanding our dining area by adding a large tent to spread out tables and adapting our food service processes 2. Increasing cabin and building ventilation 3. Renovating our Health Center including an additional bathroom for COVID testing, examination, and isolation areas 4. Shifting activities to outdoor or well-ventilated indoor spaces 5. Increasing sanitation procedures and equipment including the addition of handwashing stations, touchless soap and paper towel dispensers and hand sanitizing stations

Has registration opened for the 2021 season?

Yes, registration is open and can be found on our dates & rates page.

Will camp be able to fully enroll or will there be limitations?

At this time, we believe the guidelines will allow for full enrollment.

What is the Fleur de Lis cancellation policy for the 2021 season?

Tuition is refundable until April 15th. If camp can’t open this summer, we would handle tuition the same way as we did in 2020. Families can choose to rollover tuition to 2021, receive a full refund, or make a donation to Fleur de Lis. If camp needs to close early before the end of a session, your refund (with the same options) will be prorated.

What will be required of campers and staff before their arrival?

The guidelines for 2021 have not been released yet but for summer 2020, the state’s COVID guidelines for overnight camps required a pre-arrival quarantine of 14 days, a negative COVID test taken 7-10 days prior to arrival. A second COVID test was required to be taken upon arrival at camp. We anticipate similar testing requirements for 2021 and that quarantining timeframes will narrow before the start of the summer. We’ll keep you updated as we know more. It is unclear at this time what type of tests will be acceptable to meet the guidelines.

Will Fleur de Lis be creating a “bubble”?

Currently, we are planning to create a COVID-free bubble, using a combination of testing and quarantining. With very few exceptions, no one inside the bubble will leave until they depart camp for the summer. Anyone who does enter camp this summer will follow masking and distancing protocols and testing if appropriate to the guidelines.

Will there be testing during the session?

Yes, in addition to the pre-arrival and arrival tests, a third test will be administered a few days into the session to further confirm the first two. Additional tests would be administered if a camper or staff exhibits COVID symptoms.

Will campers or staff come from other parts of the United States or other countries?

All campers and staff including those coming from outside the country or who come from any significant distance, will be subject to the same measures which includes quarantining and testing prior to arrival and upon arrival at camp. The guidelines and the State of NH travel guidelines will inform our requirements for those campers or staff traveling to camp by public transportation. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Will you be conducting health screenings during camp?

Yes, we will be conducting regularly scheduled screenings to monitor everyone at camp under the requirements of the COVID health screening guidelines.

Will girls need to be in small pods or cohorts?

Just like in a variety of places, we will have “Family” groups that will be comprised of typically two cabins or tents. This will be the group used for times such as meals or sleeping when masks are not able to be worn. Through the initial quarantine and successful third testing, this circle will be enlarged so that Fields will be able to more freely interact together. We are also re-envisioning our large group activities so we can still have opportunities to be together as a full camp. Three of our most important tools to use this summer are being outdoors, wearing masks and social distancing.

My daughter is staying for 7 weeks. When new campers arrive for the second session will she have to go through all of these procedures again?

Many of the initial protocols will need to be followed again and more details will be forthcoming when the 2021 guidelines are released.

How will activities work at camp this summer?

In general, we feel that most of our activities can be done safely. We value retaining choice on activities for our campers. There will be some restrictions in place during the first few days of each session, while we wait to confirm the results of COVID testing. Our goal is to establish our healthy bubble as quickly as possible so we can transition to our normal program without delay. At this time, we have not made a firm decision about off-site trips. If they are offered, it would be to lightly used areas such as local hiking trails, and all appropriate COVID safety protocols will be followed.

How will meals be handled?

By adding a dining tent, we will be able to spread out our tables for social distancing, and we will be working with our food service to plan how we will be serving meals. We know the Dining Hall and meals are a really special, fun part of the day, and we’re going to keep them that way!

Will masks be required?

In certain situations (for instance early in each session, when indoors, unable to socially distance) masks will be required. Staff that work with a variety of campers across the camp population will also be wearing masks.

Will there be extra cleaning?

Yes. We plan to increase sanitation and cleaning this summer in all of the major buildings and bathrooms, as well as regularly sanitizing activity areas and equipment.

What will happen if my camper gets COVID while at camp?

We are designing our protocols to prevent COVID from coming into camp this summer. However, if a camper or staff member is diagnosed with COVID during her session, they will immediately be isolated and, per state guidelines, have to go home. Families will need to be prepared to pick up their camper.

What is the plan for the camp community if someone gets COVID?

We will follow New Hampshire and CDC guidelines. The 2020 guidelines stated that the person diagnosed with COVID would be isolated immediately and leave camp as soon as possible. In the meantime, the camp program will revert to the same program we will run during the first few days of each session (separation of Family groups) and the staff or camper’s entire Field will be tested. Presumably, once the appropriate period of time passed and the Unit received negative COVID test results, camp could return to normal activities.

What happens if a camper needs to visit a clinic for non-COVID medical need?

This visit would be handled in the same way as in previous years with the addition of following COVID safety protocols.

Will parents be informed if someone at camp contracts COVID during the summer?

Yes. We will notify families by email.

"It is no exaggeration to say that Fleur de Lis has transformed my daughter. FDL has given her so many skills — independence, responsibility, and confidence for sure, but also life skills like making new friends and branching out and trying new activities (and foods!) that are not available at home. She’s learned that someone you might not have loved last summer may have become someone you adore now, and that you can have lots of wonderful friends, even if you’ve found a soul mate and best friend."

Parent of a Mid Camper

Parent of a Mid Camper