Summer 2021


We are very excited to announce the opening of enrollment for SUMMER 2021 at Fleur de Lis Camp!

We know there are questions and challenges ahead and we take heart that a handful of camps in New England did successfully run their camp programs safely this summer. We are grateful to be learning from their experiences as we plan for the summer of 2021 at Fleur de Lis!

Should you have more specific questions than those listed below please do not hesitate to contact the Camp Director, MJ Parry (Email: Phone: 603.585.7751). She would be more than happy to discuss your camper joining us at camp next summer.

Health and Welfare of Campers and Staff:

As always, the health and welfare of our camp community remains our most important priority. We are closely engaged with the work of the American Camp Association, New Hampshire Camp Directors Association, and the state and local health departments. We anticipate that some level of safety protocols including wearing masks, social distancing, testing, and group size guidelines will be in place for the summer. As we know more, we will be updating our summer plans.

We are making improvements to our Health Center, as well as other areas of our facility to enhance sanitation. We have been looking carefully at the camp program, staffing, and schedule as it relates to the potential guidelines that will likely be in place for summer. Rest assured, all of this work is grounded in providing the Fleur de Lis experiences we all treasure.

Switching from 3, 4, & 5-week sessions to two 3.5 week sessions:

Taking into account the Summer 2021 questions and challenges noted above, our staff and Board have worked to set the schedule for the 2021 Season. It has been considered over the years to update our “half-season” sessions from 4 and 3-weeks to 3.5 & 3.5 weeks. For Summer 2021 we will be moving to two 3 ½ week sessions. We are excited by this change. It supports providing the highest quality experience for both individual girls and the camp as a community. We will continue to offer two, 2-week introductory sessions for first time, younger campers, and a 7-week session. Due to potential State of NH guidelines that could require minimizing arrival dates, we have eliminated one of our 2-week sessions as well as our 5-week session.


Online registration for summer 2021 opens at 3:00pm on October 30, 2020. All families who want to secure a spot for the summer will need to complete the registration process including those families who rolled over tuition from 2020. Specific information for those who rolled over tuition will be sent to each family.

Additional Covid-19 Fees: 

In the event that there are extraordinary expenses due to Covid-19, an additional fee of up to $200 per camper may be assessed.

Horseback Riding

Information for the Horseback Riding program will be made available in 2021 pending state and local guidelines. 

Seniors & CTs (Counselor in Training Leadership Program):

Given the unusual situation of suspending camp for the 2020 season, we are making some adaptations for our oldest girls. Typically, a girl entering 10th grade would be a 2nd year Senior and girls entering 11th grade and 12th grade would be 1st and 2nd Year CTs, respectively. For girls entering 11th grade in Summer 2021, they will have missed out on their final year as a camper.  Therefore, we’d like to offer the choice of staying as a camper or moving on to be a 1st year CT. The CT program is typically a 7-week program for 2 years. Below are the changes/options for the summers of 2021 and 2022:

For those girls who would have been 2nd year Seniors in 2020

    • You have the choice to be a 2nd Year Senior in 2021 or become a 1st Year CT
    • If you choose to be a 2nd Year Senior in 2021, then you will be eligible to participate in a one-year CT program as a 2nd Year CT in 2022.

For those girls who would have been 1st Year CTs in 2020

    • You can participate in a specially designed 2nd Year CT program in 2021 and be eligible to apply for a counselor position in 2022.

For those girls who would have been 2nd Year CTs in 2020 you are eligible to apply for counselor positions for the summer of 2021.


More information about the CT program is available here.  Due to these fluctuations, the cost of the program has been allocated equally per year for the time being.


Big & Little Weekend 2021:

Big & Little is moving to the fall! This year the weekend will run from Friday, September 3 – Sunday, September 5th. Registration for Big & Little Weekend 2021 will open on January 15th. Please see the Big & Little page for ongoing updates about this weekend. 


Circle Week 2021: 

Registration for Circle Week 2021 will open on January 15th. For more information and ongoing updates about this program, please go to the Circle Week page


Try It Days 2021:

Try It Days are typically held twice a summer for girls who want to have a first hand experience of a day at camp. Dates will be announced in later spring.



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