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5 Reasons Camp is Better with a Friend

We oftentimes hear people saying that camp is their special place and that they don’t want to share it with someone from home. We can understand that sentiment and want to share with you some advantages to inviting a friend from home with you to camp. There are many reasons why bringing someone with you to camp is important, here are five that we think stand out.

First Summer Jitters – Going to camp for the first time can be scary, being able to have a friend or familiar face from home can be comforting in these situations. Knowing that there is someone you know that is going to be at camp with you can boost your confidence. Whether you are the first-time camper, bringing someone to camp with you to experience the newness together OR you are a returning camper, introducing a friend from home to a place you love so much and making it easier for them, these bonds can be really beneficial for the first time camper.

Camp Countdown Anticipation – Each spring we see countless campers starting their countdowns to camp with great excitement (ours is always going – 141 days left). We love seeing friends from home share the excitement and preparations for camp. This shared experience is the jumping-off point to the deepening of friendship once at camp.

Sharing Stories – Each year amazing things happen on the shores of Laurel Lake. Campers get home and want to share all of the new and exciting things they did. This big task can be made so much more fun when there’s a friend nearby to recount the memories together. Going back and forth with stories that remind you of more fun times had together over the summer. “Remember the time we jump into the lake and it was so cold!?” We had so much fun running up and down the camp road during Gold Rush!” The stories go on and on.

Treating “Camp-Sickness” – The term camp sick refers to the intense longing to be back at summer camp. Having camp friends at home can help when you are missing camp. Being able to see them in the halls at school, or easily hang out with them after school or on the weekends can provide comfort for you while not at camp. You can remember the things you did over the summer, sing silly camp songs as you did in the dining hall, call up other camp friends, carpool to camp meetups, and get ready for the next summer together!

$500 Referral Discount – A lesser-known reason to invite friends to camp for the first time is our referral program. For each new camper that you refer to and attends Fleur de Lis Camp, you receive a $500 discount on your tuition. So not only does your camper get to experience camp with more friends (who doesn’t need more friends!?), you also save on sending them to camp.

Needless to say, camp is all about the lifelong friendships that we make and strengthen over the summer. With all of the fun and enriching activities that we offer (which we offer a lot), what we hear more than anything else from our families, campers, alumni, and staff is that it is the friendships that make them come back year after year. We cannot wait to see you and your friends back at camp this summer, swimming, laughing, singing, and just being friends!

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