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Change for Change

Hear from 2nd year Senior campers, Carly and Holly, about his generous initiative launched by these dedicated young women to support Fleur de Lis through Change for Change.

And here are more details…

Dear Fleur de Lis Campers and CTs,

We hope you’ve seen our video that camp posted on Facebook and Instagram or have seen it through the Saturday S’Mores newsletter that was emailed to your families.

We were devastated when we learned that we couldn’t be at camp this summer. We were looking forward to being with our friends and doing all of the things that we love.

We know that not opening this summer also is difficult for camp financially, and we began to worry that camp might not be able to open in the future. We learned that the people who lead camp are working to make sure that camp is around for many more years. That’s a big relief. Now we are looking forward to summer 2021 and bet you are too.

We also wondered if there was anything we could do to help support camp at this time. We’ve come up with a plan and want you to join us.

We challenge campers and CTs to use the boxes we’ve enclosed to collect your change throughout the year and bring it to camp at the start of the 2021 season. Sophia Halasz, who like us, would have been a 2nd year senior this summer, designed a sticker to help get you started on decorating your box. If all of us collect our change and donate it to Fleur de Lis, it will go a long way towards making sure that we get to do all the fun things we are looking forward to next summer and also help camp continue many years into the future.

We are sending this to all the campers and CTs who were signed up for summer 2020 and to campers from 2019 who hadn’t yet registered. We hope to see all of you in 2021.

Please help us with our Change for Change project!

Holly McGee and Carly Haessler

(2nd year seniors 2020)

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