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FDL Month 2020

Can you even believe that #FDLmonth was just over a month ago? So much in our world has changed since that month began. Though we had an interesting turn of events in March, #FDLmonth2020 could not be stopped. (Curious about what #FDLmonth is? Read more here.) We kicked off the 5th annual month of celebrating our community with an in-person Alumni event at a cidery in Boston. Quickly followed by more in-person meetups spanning the country (see below), all before social distancing was a regular phrase in our vocabulary.

Then things changed and as is the Fleur de Lis way, our community adapted when required to stay home. You, our alumnae, campers, and staff showed off your creativity by posting videos of yourselves thoroughly washing your hands while singing camp songs.

You wholeheartedly participated in (and continue to today) FDL@Home, a program started to support families during this long stretch of staying at home. Together you continued to connect with each other by celebrating Secret Sister (S.S.) week. Reaching out to old camp friends and sending handwritten letters to each other, just like during camp. Just like classic camp, we closed out S.S. Week with a party and #FDLmonth with an alumni camp song sing-along. Though we found that Zoom certainly does not have the same acoustics as the Dining Hall, the FDL spirit was certainly alive and well.

In case you missed them, a couple of other things that happened during #FDLmonth were #friendshipfriday and #FDLgoesglobal. Each Friday in March we shared blogs written by FDL Alums all about camp friendships. To read them head to our blog. We loved seeing so many of you pop up on our #FDLgoesglobal world map! It has been so much fun to see how far the FDL community spans.

Thank you FDL Community for being a place of support, creativity, silliness, and encouragement for each other these past couple months and always.

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