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#FDLmonth – From a Virtual Event to IRL Meetups

Since 2016 Fleur de Lis Camp has taken the month of March to celebrate our incredible caring community with #FDLmonth. Originally started as an online event to virtually highlight our camp friendships, #FDLmonth has grown to be the time of year folks look forward to getting together with their camp friends. FDL alumnae spread the fun by posting to social media about their gatherings and inspiring others to meet up with their camp besties throughout the month of March.

Over the years we have added a little bit of friendly competition, given out prizes, and shown the spotlight on camp friends getting together. We look for which meetups have the most people, the most number of camp years represented, the furthest distance traveled and so much more.

This year we are kicking off #FDLmonth with an IRL (in real life) Alumni Gathering in the Boston area (we hope to expand to more areas in the future). Join us Sunday, March 1st at Bantam Cider in Somerville, MA from 1-4 pm. Light refreshments will be available for you to munch on as you catch up with Fleur de Lis Friends. Let us know you’ll be there – RSVP here.

Don’t let that be your only #FDLmonth meet up though, start reaching out to those camp friends of yours and schedule get-togethers. Grab coffee with one of your cabin/tent counselors or campers from years back, have dinner with your CT group, spend a weekend somewhere with friends you were on staff with – the meetup possibilities are endless.

In addition to all of the typical #FDLmonth goings-on, we are also beginning #FDLgoesglobal! We want to know where all of our FDL friends have settled since their time in the Fields. Join us in seeing where we all are in the world with FDL Goes Global. All you have to do to participate is follow these three easy steps:

  1. Share with your friends that you’re participating in #FDLmonth and #FDLgoesglobal

  2. Check out the FDL Goes Global Map* and see where all of your camp friends are today. Maybe there’s someone in your town you’ve been meaning to connect with! Who knows!?!

Be sure to follow along on social media throughout the month to see what everyone is up to!

Not a social media user? Sign up for our Alumni E-Newsletter. Update your contact information: here

*FDL Goes Global Map will be updated weekly. If you don’t see your name there right away, check back in a couple of days and it will be there.

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