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Finally Back at Our Summer Home

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Wow – our first week of camp is flying by and while some things are different at camp this year because of our Covid protocols, there are some things that are just the same as they are every year.

As always, campers have jumped right into activities and are having a great time. Due to Covid protocols, the pods had 3 days of classes scheduled together so they got to try out many different activities. Lots of campers have commented on how surprised they were that they loved trying things such as riflery, kayaking, ceramics, or fire building for the first time. In fact, yesterday when campers were choosing activities for the next four days, many of them chose these newfound interests.

Another thing that has stayed the same is campers getting to know each other, rekindling old friendships and making new friends. It’s so much fun to see campers back in camp laughing and playing, braiding each other’s hair, making friendship bracelets and walking arm and arm up the road together.

If you have been in New England this week you know we had quite a heat wave for the first four days of the session. The waterfront has been a popular place and free swims have been the place to be during Rec Time. Wednesdays are typically a special event day, and the morning was filled with all sorts of water games and relays keeping everyone cool in the heat. In the afternoon, the campers scheduled their next four days of activities and then in the evening, everyone had a blast with a classic EP, “Airbands”. We’re now into cooler temperatures and some rain, but most of our program is going on as planned.

It’s been an exciting and different first week of camp. Covid protocols have changed up some things about camp such as buffet meals instead of family style, announcements and singing outside in the grass instead of in the Dining Hall, and Password has been held in the Senior Field instead of the Password Grove. We developed our Covid protocols for meals, program, the Fields, etc. etc. throughout the winter and spring and now that we have actual campers here, we have adjusted these protocols as we have experienced how they work in real time. On Thursday morning we had the second round of testing for non-vaccinated campers, and we eagerly await the results late Friday or early Saturday. Once we have a green light from this round of testing, we will be expanding our pods to Field size and will be able to change up other procedures as well.

This much anticipated first week of camp has been a very special one and even with a few challenges, campers have been having fun and building a sense of belonging at Fleur de Lis. What a gift it is to see campers cheering each other on as a friend succeeds; or show their courage or confidence as they perform in “Airbands” or for campers who have been a bit homesick be supported by friends and counselors as they learn to embrace the duality of missing home and enjoying camp all at the same time. So much happens in one week of camp and we are so fortunate to be here with your campers! Thank you!

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