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Flourishing Fleur de Lis

We are so grateful for the continued support of our caring Fleur de Lis community. Every “like”, comment, and repost on social media helps us reach a greater audience and share the magic of FDL with the world. The more people talk about us the larger our collective FDL family grows.

We recently spoke with a new parent who said she heard about Fleur de Lis from a friend of a friend’s Facebook post years back. For some reason our name stuck with her and she decided to look us up once her daughter started thinking about summer camp. Just one single post made a new lifelong connection.

Thank you for keeping us in your minds and hearts. Your love and support are invaluable.

Continue to share and help Fleur de Lis flourish.

Ways You Can Help:


Most of you know the drill, vote for us for Best of the Best Summer Camp! Each spring we participate in two different voting opportunities for Best of the Best:

We are currently in the final round of the Boston Parents voting and truly EVERY VOTE COUNTS. If we win (or are in the top 3) we are included in their publications and are awarded a 2020 Family Favorites logo, which helps with our marketing and camper recruitment. The same is true for the NH Union Leader. Last year we won Gold for Summer Camps in Readers’ Choice and Gold in Overnight Camps in Boston Parents. Your continued support and votes have allowed us to be in the running at least 9 years. We appreciate your vote! (Click on the blue links above!)

Google Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of trust in Google reviews. Before I purchase anything online I read the reviews to make sure I am getting the right size. I read restaurant reviews to make sure the food is good and worth the trip. So you better believe I am reading reviews before I send my daughter away to camp! We have some terrific reviews already on Google about Fleur de Lis Camp that are great testimonials for interested families. Have something positive to say about your own experience? Please share by leaving a review!

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