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Introducing Fleur de Lis Camp's New Logo, Brand, and Website

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

As we prepare for the homecoming of campers and staff for the 2021 summer season, we are reminded of what has helped shape Fleur de Lis Camp for over 90 years. The connections, stories, traditions, and songs are still cherished by our community today. The relationship between the past and present empowers our campers, CTs, staff, and alumni to be self-sufficient and productive members of their community and the world today.

Change and growth are part of camp, starting in 1929, each summer we have added new buildings, traditions, programs, and friends to our community. Today we are thrilled to share with you an exciting project we have been hard at work on. Fleur de Lis Camp is delighted to announce the launching of our new brand promises, logo and website.

We engaged EVP Marketing & Media to work with us to develop compelling imagery and messages to share the story of Fleur de Lis. EVP's first step was conducting a series of surveys with over 400 alumni, parents, campers, staff, and the Board. From these, EVP determined consistent themes, highlighted our brand attributes (physical and activity aspects of camp), and identified brand promises (intrinsic values and characteristics).

The Fleur de Lis community shared words such as unique, home, authentic selves, empowering, tradition and beauty when describing Fleur de Lis Camp. There were three words that stood out above all others as our brand promises – Joy, Belonging, and Friendships.

This branding work of identifying the brand promises and brand attributes served as the foundation for the design, imagery and messaging for our new website and logo. Both the website and the logo reflect all that we love about Fleur de Lis and highlights our brand promises and attributes.

The video below describes in more detail the branding process that resulted in our new logo and the link will take you to our new website. Although there is still more work to be done, such as capturing high quality marketing photos and new promotional videos at camp this summer, we are thrilled to be sharing this exciting news with you all today!

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